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What’s the Backstory of Golden Town Development?

Golden Town Development شركة جولدن تاون للتطوير العقاري began a path of transformation over 20 years ago. With its creative and progressive approach, it has made a lasting impression on the real estate industry.

With its innovative initiatives, Golden Town Development has risen to the top of the field and is now taking on well-established industry titans, which is still a modest player in the real estate development market

Golden Town Development’s portfolio is a blend of awe-inspiring residential, commercial, and governmental projects, including noteworthy collaborations with Egypt’s Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities.

Golden Town’s Journey is a painting that they have created with their wide reach over the various landscapes of Egypt, from the lovely North Coast to the energetic cities of Cairo and Alexandria.

Also, Golden Town’s architectural footprint extends beyond local territories, marking a great presence in the Arab region and several African nations.


Which Golden Town Projects Are the Most Well-Known?

The Fort Mall New Capital

The Fort Mall New Capital
The Fort Mall New Capital

The Fort Mall, a prestigious venture by Golden Town Development, stands proudly in the New Capital’s Downtown area, flaunting its commercial, administrative, and medical spaces.

This architectural marvel, a notable landmark from Golden Town Development, draws attention along a wide 80-meter main street with its two separate yet flawlessly integrated buildings.

Crafted with precision and majesty, the Fort Mall spans a generous 2,764 m2 and is structured into two main buildings.

Each building rises with a ground floor and 10 additional levels, cleverly designed so that only 30% of the total area is built up, leaving ample space for a variety of units.

There are 23 units per level in Golden Town Development project, with sizes ranging from 28 m2 to more, providing a variety of commercial and administrative alternatives.

Golden Town Development offers appealing financial options on the Fort New Capital Mall in addition to its stunning architecture, and desirable place to invest, with unit prices starting from 7,642,000 EGP.

The installment plans of payment are flexible, requiring only a 10% down payment, an extended payment schedule spanning 10 years, and an additional 10% maintenance deposit will be paid.

Golden Town Development ensures that every space is provided completely finished and prepared for residence, EOI payments are set at 50,000 EGP for commercial spaces and 25,000 EGP for administrative and medical units.

Dinero Tower New Capital

Dinero Mall New Capital
Dinero Mall New Capital

Dinero Tower Mall, a cutting-edge development by Golden Town Development, is situated in the bustling heart of the New Capital, occupying the prime location of plot MU6-1 Downtown.

Golden Town Development project has 14 upper levels in addition to the ground floor, covering 5,017 m2. Golden Town Development project’s flexible architecture allows it to house a variety of hotel, office, and commercial uses.

Dinero Tower New Capital accommodates a variety of demands and tastes with spaces starting at 35 m2. You can buy your preferred unit starting from a competitive 3,833,318 EGP in price.

Golden Town Development offers an accessible payment plan at Dinero Tower Mall that just requires a 10% down payment and spreads the installment over 10 years to ease acquisitions.

Golden Town Development is committed to timely delivery and aims to turn over the flats in three and a half years.

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  • The Space of a Unit in Dinero Tower is 80 m2

Cascada Mall New Capital

Cascada Mall New Capital
Cascada Mall New Capital

Cascada Mall is a prominent development by Golden Town Development, encompassing 2,664 m2. It is situated at the dynamic core of Downtown, in plot MU2/79 right beside the monorail station. This state-of-the-art project reflects strategic placement and innovative design.

Cascada New Capital Mall includes a ground floor and 10 levels that house a variety of commercial, office, and hotel areas. The flats accommodate different needs and start from 36 m2

The prices of Golden Town Development’s units start at 1,731,090 EGP, and their pricing is as appealing as its design. Prices for individual units for sale start at 21,900 EGP.

This Golden Town Development’s financial package is further enhanced by a comfortable payment plan, requiring an initial 10% down payment and allowing for installment payments over up to 10 years.

Golden Town Development’s commitment to efficient and timely project execution is demonstrated by its guarantee to complete units in Dinero Tower New Capital within three years.

Other Projects by Golden Town Development:  

  • Completing the finishing works at Sheraton Hotel, Zamalek.
  • Constructing 20 buildings in the heart of New Alamein City.
  • Establishing the Rital View project on North Coast.
  • Designing the decorations for Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Who are Golden Town Development Partners?

Golden Town Development is not merely about constructing buildings; they are in the business of creating iconic landmarks that redefine urban landscapes.

Golden Town’s future endeavors, such as the iconic Sheraton Hotel in Zamalek, and the charming Rital View on the North Coast, highlight their adaptability and dedication to excellence.

Golden Town’s strategic partnership with the renowned engineering consultant Yasser El Beltagy, whose unmatched design philosophy has won 25 awards and produced over 1200 original projects, is the driving force behind the company’s success.

Along with this, Golden Town Development wants to build 20 structures in New Alamein City and renovate Cairo’s Nile Ritz Carlton, which boasts views of the lovely Nile River.

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Frequently asked questions about Golden Town Development

  • What are the latest projects of Golden Town Development?

    Golden Town Development’s most well-known projects are The Fort Tower New Capital and Dinero Tower New Capital.
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