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“homeandmall” or homeandmall Real Estate Company provides digital content in the field of real estate that provides a seamless user experience and significantly reflects what housing and investment projects seek to present in a simplified form, whether for the purpose of collecting general information or for the purpose of buying or selling residential units or for investing in general.

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In case that homeandmall website management accepted and approved the copying of its content to be reused, then it must be pledged by the other party to show the copyright and mentionhomeandmall website as the reference for the provided information, with no right to retransfer the content to other person or another party or to display the transferred content on other media or channels, for oneself or for others other than the ones that were previously agreed upon.
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Not to Execute any work that creates a burden or causes an increase in requests for data traffic on the website.
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Fill out a searchable database that relates to real estate in a way or another.
Building a database or information, to compete with us in any way that we do not allow or accept.
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The content appearing on our website may include some mistakes like mistyping, technical, typographical, or errors in images. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any content on our website. And we may make changes to the content on the website at any time without prior notice.

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in case that you continued to use “homeandmall” website before or after doing updates, changes, or replacements on the website’s content or on the terms and conditions and the privacy policy, this will express your explicit acceptance of all these changes.

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