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When was Gates Developments Founded?

Gates Developments
Gates Developments

Gates Developments شركة جيتس للتطوير العقاري was founded in 2018 to continue the legacy of success, originally started by United Arab Developers which was established in 1996.

The company, renowned for its commitment to quality, does not merely focus on constructing buildings but also on creating artful living spaces in Gates projects designed for comfort and luxury.

The distinctive designs and upscale services Gates projects are defining new standards in the luxury real estate sector, solidifying its position as one of the top real estate companies in Egypt.

Additionally, Gates Developments is noted for offering extremely reasonable prices and flexible booking systems, making it an ideal destination for those seeking optimal investment opportunities in real estate.

Under the leadership of Engineer Ahmed Aboul-Fotouh, Chairman of Gates Developments, the company is soaring to new heights of success, with sales exceeding 4 bn EGP. This reflects the trust and confidence of its clients and partners.

Moreover, Gates Developments presents projects featuring smart towers powered by solar energy, underscoring its focus on sustainable development and its commitment to building a green and sustainable future.


What are the Significant Gates Projects?

Lugar Compound New Zayed

Compound Lugar New Zayed
Compound Lugar New Zayed

Lugar Compound is among the latest Gates projects. It is strategically located on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, opposite Sphinx International Airport. Gates Developments has adopted the idea of luxury living while executing Lugar Compound. 

Consequently, the elegantly designed apartments and villas in Lugar Compound perfectly echo luxury. The compound is spread over 62 acres, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and easy access to the city.

The spaces of units in Lugar Compound start from 65 m2, and Gates Developments has ensured that the price of units is affordable. Therefore, those seeking luxurious homes can buy apartments and villas with prices starting from 5,000,000 EGP.

Furthermore, Gates has facilitated buying units of Lugar Compound by offering comfortable installment plans, featuring a 5% down payment, along with installments over 8 years. The delivery of units is in 2027.

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  • The Space of an Apartment in Lugar Compound is 65 m2

  • The Space of a Unit in Space Mall is 80 m2

Prive Compound Sheikh Zayed

Compound Prive Sheikh Zayed
Compound Prive Sheikh Zayed

Gates Developments masterfully blends luxury with convenience in Prive Compound Sheikh Zayed, situated on Waslet Dahshur. This strategic location offers ease of access while maintaining a tranquil environment.

Prive Compound covers an area of 17 acres, providing a spacious area for comfortable living, ensuring privacy and relaxation. Gates Developments offers diverse spaces of units starting from 65 m2 to meet various needs and preferences.

Additionally, a reasonable price per meter is offered, therefore, total prices in Prive Compound start conveniently from 10,000,000 EGP. Interested buyers can book units in Gates Developments project with a 10% down payment, followed by installments over 8 years.

Venia Compound New Capital

Compound Venia New Capital
Compound Venia New Capital

Venia Compound New Capital is a remarkable addition by Gates Developments, located in the vibrant R7 district, close to essential services.

The compound occupies 40 acres and stands out with its world-class design that epitomizes luxury and elegance, with careful consideration for all aspects of comfort.

Additionally, Venia Compound is overseen by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. Gates Developments offers a diverse range of apartments and villas, with spaces varying between 124 and 224 m2.

Gates Developments has focused on providing an exceptional investment opportunity for its clients by offering affordable prices, starting from 1,178,000 EGP, in Venia Compound New Capital.

Furthermore, the provision of convenient installment plans, featuring a 10% down payment and installments extending up to 8 years, has made the dream of living in Gates Developments project in the heart of the New Capital more attainable.

Audaz Mall New Capital

Audaz Mall New Capital
Audaz Mall New Capital

Audaz Mall New Capital, an architectural marvel by Gates Developments, shines in the Financial District at the heart of the New Capital, near key areas like the Presidential District and the Cabinet of Ministers.

The mall also owns a strategic spot, close to the Suez Road, Capital International Airport and Green River. Besides, its luxurious and modern design adds a touch of elegance to the New Capital.

Gates Developments has divided Audaz Mall into 2 buildings, A & B, each featuring a ground floor and 7 upper floors, offering commercial, administrative, and medical units. The unit spaces start from 35 m2, smartly designed to meet various needs.

Moreover, Gates Developments offers units in Audaz Mall with prices starting from 1,716,000 EGP, making it an exceptional investment opportunity. The booking plan is flexible, with a 10% down payment and an 8-year installment period.

Catalan Compound New Capital

Catalan New Capital
Catalan New Capital

Catalan Compound New Capital, one of Gates Developments’ masterpieces, is located in R7 district, strategically positioned near the New Capital’s key landmarks.

The compound offers enchanting views of the Green River, adding beauty and tranquility to the residents’ daily life. Additionally, a variety of units, including apartments and villa for sale are provided in diverse spaces ranging from 175 to 382 m2, meticulously designed to offer comfort and luxury.

Gates Developments presents units of Catalan Compound with attractive prices starting from 3,700,000 EGP, along with flexible installment plans extending up to 10 years without a down payment.

Moreover, Gates has made significant progress in Catalan Compound new Capital, completing 70% of it, positioning the compound as one of the first projects to be delivered in the New Capital.

Space Mall October

Mall Space October
Mall Space October

Space Mall October, a recent and distinguished addition to the portfolio of Gates Developments, is strategically located on the 26th of July Corridor. It extends over an area of 36,000 m2 and includes a ground floor plus 3 upper floors.

It is a mixed-use project, combining commercial, administrative, and medical units for sale with spaces starting from 39 m2. Moreover, Gates Developments offer units of Space Mall with competitive price starting from 8,000,000 EGP, presenting a valuable investment opportunity.

Furthermore, Gates Development allows booking units of Space Mall October with a comfortable installment system, featuring a 5% down payment and an installment period of up to 7 years.

West Gate Mall 6 October

West Gate Mall October
West Gate Mall October

West Gate Mall 6 October stands as a significant landmark by Gates Developments, prominently situated on the 26th of July Corridor, adjacent to Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt.

The total area of West Gate Mall 6 October is 16,236 m2, and Gates Developments has allocated a generous portion of this area for gardens and green areas, adding a wonderful view.

Additionally, the mall offers a variety of activities, encompassing commercial, administrative, and medical units to meet all needs. The unit spaces in West Gate Mall range from 43 to 251 m2, providing multiple options for investors and business owners.

Prices at West Gate Mall start from 8,800,000 EGP, accompanied by flexible installment systems including a starting down payment of 10% and a 5-year installment period. Furthermore, Gates Developments has ensured the availability of all services in the mall.

Plaza España Mall Sheikh Zayed

Mall Plaza Espana Sheikh Zayed
Mall Plaza Espana Sheikh Zayed

Among the magnificent Gates projects is Plaza España Mall Sheikh Zayed which enjoys a prime location at the first entrance of Sheikh Zayed 4 on Al Amal Axis, in proximity to several vital landmarks.

Plaza España Mall is developed on an area of 14,250 m2, designed to be a commercial, administrative, and medical hub. The unit spaces in Gates Developments project range from 43 to 423 m2, catering to a variety of needs.

Moreover, prices at the mall start from 3,999,999 EGP, and investors get to book units for sale with a convenient down payment starting from 30%, followed by installments over up to 3 years.

Gates Developments has uniquely crafted Plaza España Mall, distinguished by its modern and contemporary design coupled with upscale amenities, making it an outstanding landmark in Sheikh Zayed.

Who are the Prominent Partners of Gates Developments?

The prominent partners of Gates Developments features engineering experts in the real estate field. One of its notable partners is the Academic Center for Design and Consultation, led by Dr. Hammad Abdallah Hammad, a famous expert in the field.

Moreover, the company has collaborated with The Management House for managing its projects in the New Capital and other future projects, reflecting the company’s commitment to high-efficiency project management.

Gates Developments has also partnered with the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, one of Egypt‘s most significant entities, to oversee the construction of Venia Compound New Capital. This ensures a high level of quality and precision in execution.

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    The latest Gates projects are Venia Compound New Capital and Audaz Mall New Capital
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