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Al Marasem Development

Al Marasem Development
Al Marasem Development

Established in 1997 as a subsidiary of the Saudi Ben Laden Group, Al Marasem Development شركة المراسم للتطوير العقاري has rapidly ascended in the real estate industry, securing its place among the world’s top five firms in this domain.

Expanding its remarkable reach into the Middle Eastern market, ElMarasem Development has solidified its strong presence and continues to grow.

In its quest to cement a strong reputation within Egypt’s real estate sector, Al Marasem Development is spearheading extensive and innovative projects.

By consistently delivering key services and amenities in their developments, Al Marasem projects have earned the admiration and confidence of their investors, thereby establishing the company as a leading real estate entity in Egypt.


What Major Projects has Al Marasem Development Completed?

Mar Ville Compound New Zayed

Mar Ville Compound New Zayed
Mar Ville Compound New Zayed

Al Marasem Developments latest addition, Mar Ville Zayed Compound, signifies a new beginning in Sheikh Zayed City, adding to AlMarasem Development projects impressive track record that includes several developments in Fifth Settlement and New Cairo.

Mar Ville Compound, situated right across from Sphinx Airport on Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, covers a vast area of 111 acres.

Offering a mix of residential options, Al Marasem Development has designated 30% villas of various types and 70% a range of apartments at Mar Ville Compound, with sizes starting from 110 m2.

Al Marasem Development has set suitable prices to buy one of these units starting at 16,000,000 EGP. Also, they come with a payment plan that includes a 5% initial deposit and 8-year installments.

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  • The Space of a Unit in Mar Ville Compound is 136 m2

Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound New Cairo

Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound New Cairo
Al Marasem Fifth Square Compound New Cairo

AlMarasem Development Fifth Square Compound, nestled in the prestigious Golden Square area, showcases the company’s dedication to delivering exclusive projects in the region.

Fifth Square Compound, stretching over 158 acres, presents a variety of housing options including apartments, townhouses, and standalone villas available for purchase.

With a focus on affordability, Al Marasem Development has priced these units starting at 14,700,000 EGP in Fifth Square Compound. The apartments begin at a size of 170 m2.

Al Marasem Group also provides a flexible payment scheme to book a property, allowing purchases with a 0% initial deposit and installment plans extending over 8 years.

Furthermore, depending on the agreement with ElMarasem Development, the units are handed over either semi-finished or fully finished, catering to different preferences.

Capital Gate Compound New Cairo

Capital Gate Compound New Cairo
Capital Gate Compound New Cairo

In its Capital Gate New Cairo project, Al Marasem Development offers a variety of sophisticated living spaces, including apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.

The compound’s apartments commence at a size of 95 m2, priced at a competitive rate starting from 13,750 EGP price per meter.

This pricing strategy places the initial cost of units in Al Marasem Development project at a minimum of 1,375,000 EGP.

Positioned strategically in Fifth Settlement, Capital Gate project enjoys proximity to both Rehab City and Ninety Street, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Also, El Marasem Development presents an appealing investment opportunity with a booking arrangement at Capital Gate Compound that includes a 10% upfront payment and an 8-year installment plan.

Lake Residence Fifth Square Al Marasem

Lake Residence Fifth Square Al Marasem
Lake Residence Fifth Square Al Marasem

Lake Residence New Cairo development, a part of Al Marasem Development offerings in New Cairo, features a fully-fledged residential project.

As one of the illustrious Al Marasem Development Projects, Lake Residence is noted for its cutting-edge architectural style and a captivating lake at its heart.

Lake Residence, located in the key area of Fifth Settlement, is integrated into Al Marasem Fifth Square projects and is equipped with state-of-the-art and avant-garde facilities, reflecting a global standard in design.

Al Marasem Development’s Lake Residence Fifth Square compound provides a range of unit sizes, beginning from a modest 48 m2.

AlMarasem Development has made Lake Residence compound’s units available at starting prices of 1,848,000 EGP, with flexible payment options, including installment plans that span up to 7 years.

Moon Residence Compound New Cairo

Moon Residence Compound New Cairo
Moon Residence Compound New Cairo

Located in the elite Al Marasem Fifth Square, Moon Residence New Cairo boasts a prestigious position with its direct frontage on 90 Street, providing broad views over the Fifth Settlement’s skyline. This location ranks among the finest in New Cairo.

Moon Residence Compound development includes a range of residential structures, offering apartments starting at a size of 93 m2 and diverse styles of villas, some of which come with their own private gardens.

In terms of sales, Al Marasem Developments provides units for sale at Moon Residence Compound New Cairo from a starting price of 3,880,000 EGP.

Al Marasem Development features a convenient payment scheme at Moon Residence Compound, beginning with a 5% initial deposit and extending the payment period over 8 years to cover the rest of the unit’s cost.

Fifth Square Mall New Cairo

Fifth Square Mall New Cairo
Fifth Square Mall New Cairo

Located in the lively area of Golden Square, Fifth Square Mall New Cairo, one of Al Marasem projects, presents units starting at a size of 54 m2.

 These units are priced from 2,567,400 EGP. To secure a unit, the development requires a 5% down payment, with the balance payable over 5 years.

Which Organizations or Entities Collaborate with Al Marasem Development?

The alliance between Al Marasem Development and Al Ahly Club stands out as one of their most noteworthy partnerships in Egypt, gaining the confidence of one of Egypt’s most esteemed sports clubs.

Beyond this, Al Marasem Developments has established important relationships with world-class firms in construction, engineering consultancy, and global design.

These essential partnerships have significantly influenced Al Marasem Development’s operational excellence and the caliber of its projects, thereby enhancing their unique architectural signature and bolstering Al Marasem Projects prominence in the international real estate arena.

Other Al Marasem Development Projects

  • Expansions of some airports such as Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada and Alexandria
  • Fairmont Hotel in Cairo
  • Al-Rehab Club and Heliopolis Club
  • Al Marasem Hospital in Fifth Settlement
  • Al-Rehab Mall and Dream Land
  • The main administrative building of Amer Group

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    The latest project by Al Marasem Development is Mar Ville Compound New Zayed
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